What is Progressive (Kids) Tennis?

Progressive Tennis introduces the sport of tennis in a FUN and INTERACTIVE way and ensures immediate success for young players aged 5-10. Using modified tennis balls, racquets, nets and courts, young players are properly equipped to enjoy rallies and learn the fundamentals of the game early on. Skills are developed much quicker, allowing for an easy transition to full court. Tennis Canada fully endorses Progressive Tennis and is developing programs and competitive structures across the country to give more players the opportunity to experience its positive benefits.

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How will Progressive ( Kids ) Tennis help my child/ren learn faster than traditional coaching? Progressive Tennis is used as a developmental tool to allow young kids to improve their overall tennis skills faster so they can transition to the regular court with more ease. Progressive Tennis allows kids to train and compete with courts and equipment which are better suited for their size. Please check out http://www.tenniscanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/EnglishNewProgressiveTennisGuide.pdf for more information.


Progressive Tennis @ Charlottetown TC:  Charlottetown TC introduced Progressive Tennis curriculum and equipment in 2009. As one of the first community clubs in the GTA to embrace this model, we are committed to producing both recreational and competitive level Juniors. Several children Adam has worked with have won STF regional and OTA provincial titles, as well as OFSAA championships and TDSB Athletic Awards for their school.

All instructors at the club are Tennis Canada and Tennis Professionals Association Certified instructors who adhere to SafeGuarding Tennis protocols in order to provide a safe and fun environment to learn. Click here to learn more about Safeguarding Tennis program requirements. Our programs emphasize teamwork and cooperative play. Low coach to student ratio classes ensure your child receives plenty of individual feedback as well as opportunities to learn and play as a team. 

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             Red Ball - Learn To Play Program 

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Charlottetown TC's Learn to Move & Play Red Ball program is for children aged 5 - 8. Children play independently and learn to exchange with one another through fun and engaging cooperative games that will prepare them for future recreational and competitive play.

Our program builds on the 5 fundamentals of tennis (grip, set up, impact point, hitting zone & recovery) for skills sets including rallying, volleying and serving. Children also learn basic "physical literacy" skills ( split steps, lateral and multidirectional movement) that will prepare them to succeed at the Orange Ball level.


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        Orange Ball - Learn to Play & Compete

Charlottetown TC's Learn to Play & Compete Orange Ball program is designed for children aged 8 - 11. Children exchange/rally independently, learn to play with one another and in small groups through fun and engaging cooperative games, cultivate their desire to have fun while learning to compete in a supportive and structured setting.

Our program continues to build on the 5 fundamentals of tennis (grip, set up, impact point, hitting zone & recovery) for skill sets including rallying, volleying, and serving. Players begin to learn how to construct points using tactical and technical approaches from up to 3/4 court ( 18 metres ) while learning full rules of the game. Players also will learn about nutrition and preparation required for optimal player performance.

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Green Ball Program - Learn to Play and Win

Charlottetown TC's Learn to Play and Win Green Ball Program is designed for Children 8-12 years old who have previous experience in the game at recreational and/or U10 competition

Children in this program will build upon the 5 fundamentals of Tennis ( grip, set up, impact point, hitting zone & recovery ) while working as a team to motivate and push each other to learn advanced skills and tactics. Our approach fosters cooperative physical literacy skill building while providing an introduction to competitive play in a comfortable and supportive environment.

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  Regular and Green Ball, Full Court Accelerated Learning Program ( 10-17 year olds )   

Children suitable for this class generally are either new to Tennis, or already picked up the full size game but still play at a beginner level. Our accelerated learning program will allow children to pick up the game quickly with peers of similar skill levels using full size racquets and full court play


Green & Regular Ball High Performance 

Kids in this program are prepped for and supported during regional and provincial tournaments, including guidance on nutritional and physical requirements for high performance play based on the Long Term Athlete Development ( LTAD ) and OTA ( Ontario Tennis Association ) Physical Literacy Guidelines. Contact the Club Pro, Adam Weatherby for more information and program requirements.

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        Above: Charlottetown-West Rouge 2015 STF Junior League Division Champions!